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Creating a great vacations for dogs

Vacations for dogs

All dogs deserve a good vacation when their people are out traveling.

Rates 5 stars by over 100 dog owners

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Providing the best possible start to your dog's vacation

After your first visit to our kennel, dropping off your dog is a breeze. You've seen our facilities, and we've had a chat about how we work. We'll take care of your best friend, so you can enjoy your vacation.

  • Personal care
  • Heated rooms
  • Socialising
  • Daily walks
  • Regular veterinarian
  • Diverse humans & dogs
  • Experienced staff
An eclectic approach to dogs nature

Our goal is to meet dogs nature and let them be dogs

Dogs will be dogs. They need to run, play, and socialize. We believe that dogs should be allowed to be dogs. We know that not all dogs should be able to be together, and therefore we have separate areas for large and small dogs. Some dog breeds are good at being several in a pack, while others thrive best alone, or at least two-and-two, male and female together. This is something we are really good at handling.

A second home for your dog

We provide an environment that enables dogs to thrive.

We have everything needed for a good stay in the kennel. We have large fenced areas where the dogs can play and sniff, and we have indoor boxes with dog beds and blankets to sleep in. You don't need to pack anything for your dog, we have it all, just remember the collar and the updated vaccine book or dog passport.

Your dogs are in good hands

The people behind Måløv Hundepension

We are a family business, which means that you meet the family at the kennel. We also need our skilled staff though. Here, everyone helps out on the entire farm.

At Måløv Hundepension, we pride ourselves on the quality of our dog walkers and caretakers. You can expect the following from our staff:

  • A minimum of 3 years of experience
  • Relevant education for each level of responsibility
  • Amazing recommendations and positive reviews
  • A love and passion for dogs of all sizes and breeds
  • A commitment to creating a positive client experiences for all dog owners, no matter their background or need for boarding
Meet the rest of the team

Nathalie Nikolajsen

Julie Sten Rosenkrantz Jensen

Monique Phagoo-Jensen

Pernille Heinsdorf Christiansen

The best time away from home for dogs

There's no place like home! But we also want to make sure that your dog has a good time when you're away. We've created a program giving dogs a safe boarding experience.

Outdoors and socialising

Every day, the dogs are taken out to our large areas, where they can play, sniff, and socialize with other dogs. We also have an indoor area where the dogs can relax and sleep.

Indoors and resting

Our indoor areas are heated when needed in the winter months. During the summer, we enjoy the coolness of the old stables on the 175 year old farm.

Nutrition and health

Your dog will be fed with quality food from Royal Canin specialised every size and age of dogs. We have a veterinarian who visits regularly to ensure the health and well-being of all dogs.

See what dog owners are saying about us

We are so lucky to have many satisfied dog owners who have chosen to share their experiences with us. Here are a few of the testimonials that we have translated into English for you to read:

Claire Spackman

"My Australian Shepherd, Waffles, now 3 years old, was 6 months old when he started with daycare at Måløv Dog Boarding. Waffles stays there when I have long office days and when I have to travel for work. Nathalie and Nikolaj have developed their facilities to provide the perfect environment for play and a good indoor and outdoor climate (warm in the winter but pleasantly cool and airy inside during the summer). Waffles LOVES staying here! Waffles has a blast when he is dropped off and during his stay, and he is always happy when picked up. Having a dog boarding place with great people is worth its weight in gold!"

Sebastian Berendt

"Dogs of all sizes fit in here! My two Great Danes, Nanna and Gonzo, have been taken care of at Måløv Dog Boarding since they were 6 months old, and what an experience it has been. Large beautiful green areas, which also have space for two large dogs like ours. They are always happy when they are picked up, and willingly go back without any problems. The communication before drop-off and pick-up is informative, so I have no doubts about the how and where. No matter who I have been received by, it has been with a smile, and booking future stays has been a pleasure. 5 big stars! Our dogs will surely be regular customers for many years! Woof woof!"

Bine Kimmer Jørgensen

"We have been using Måløv Dog Boarding for more than 2 years during extended weekends, vacations, and New Year's Eve. We are incredibly happy with Nathalie, Nikolaj, and their staff. Everything is very professional and proper, and their love for the dogs clearly shines through. Our Mini always comes home exhausted and happy. Can absolutely recommend :)"

Jack Petersen

"Måløv Dog Boarding was great at keeping us informed and updated along the way, just as they isolated the dog and made sure she received special attention. We felt well-treated, and that she was in good hands, a superb dog boarding facility that we will use in the future 👍👍👍"

Frequently asked questions

Many good questions are repeated, and we have collected the most common ones here. If you do not find an answer to your question, you are welcome to contact us.

Giving your dog a great vacation