The daily routine at the kennel

From sunrise to sunset

The daily routine, from the first morning walk to dinner and bedtime. That's when the calm sets in and the dogs are ready for a good night's sleep.

Walk dog, play ball, sniff grass, eat treats, repeat!

Your dog appreciates the simple things in life. That's why we offer a program that's designed to keep them happy and healthy. And to keep a daily routine in the kennel for our furry friends

First walk

8 - 9 AM

Sniffing time

10 AM - 2 PM

Walks and playtime

Afternoons till 5 PM

Dinner and lights out

6 - 8 PM

Our unique approach to dogs

We work hard to take really good care of your dog. And it's important to us that you understand how we work with the dogs.

We start the day early, checking up on the dogs in the kennel to make sure they're all doing well after a good night's sleep. Those whe have morning medication get their medicine.

Time to go outside

  • All dogs gets out on the grass in the morning
  • Dogs a teamed up by gender, size, age, breed, and temperament
  • Some has to stay alone, but most gets a playmate or two
  • This routine is a mandatory program for all as of January 2024
  • After some time in the free we move to the dog runs
  • All dogs have free access to fresh water everywhere in the kennel

The inside areas are cleaned, water bowls are cleaned and refilled and we prepare the food bowls for the evening feeding. We use sawdust/shavings to keep the floors soft and to absorb what the dogs might bring in from outside. We use a lot of time to keep the kennel clean and nice for the dogs.

Extras in the Afternoons

  • Walks on leash for the dogs that have ordered this
  • Nose & Mind work for the dogs that have ordered this
  • Some dogs have ordered a bath and fur care and will be made nice

We check the dogs again and make sure they are all doing well and if they go well with their roommate if they've been teamed up. We also check if they have any special needs or if they need any extra care like medications or treatments.

Depending on the weather and the dogs' size, fur and age, the dogs are let out again during the day as they need it. The day ends with feeding inside, medication for those who need something extra in the evening and a thorough cleaning of the outdoor dog runs with our high-pressure washers that clean with 80 degrees hot water.

The day has reached its end and we're closing for the night. The dogs are calm now and the lights are turned off. Goodnight to all.

Our additional services

We offer a full program but some want more

We understand! Your dog just can't get enough, and you want to provide them with that extra walk or personal time with humans to satisfy their needs.

Want to learn more about our services?

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Walk on leash

DKK 50

per day

Groups of two-three dogs

  • A personal dog walker
  • A break from the dog runs
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Extended activation

DKK 125

per day

Treats and games included

  • Stimulation by dog keepers
  • Work for nose and mind
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Giving your dog a great vacation