Do you have vacancies?

Plan your holiday with peace of mind. On this page, you can view our current vacancies. We welcome dogs of all sizes, including those that require medication or are in heat. If your dog has special needs, please provide a detailed description, and we will assess whether we can accommodate them.

Vacancy status updated at 2024-06-10
Few spots left for summer

We only have a few spots left for your dog during the summer holiday. Take a look at the calendar overview on this page, to see which weeks and weekends are available. Green means vacant and yellow means that we need to consider each request based on the type and gender of your dog. Red means fully booked. Book online and we will consider, who we can offer the spots we have left.

Autumn holiday available

The autumn holiday in week 42 is also a popular holiday to take, and we have available spaces for your dog throughout the autumn holiday.

Christmas and New Year available

We have available spaces for your dog throughout Christmas and New Year. New Year's Eve is a very popular day for the dogs in the dog boarding kennel, as most people want to get away from the city's noise and fireworks. So book well in advance.

Winter holiday available 2025

We have vacancies for your dog in all of week 7.

Easter holiday available 2025

We have available spaces for your dog throughout the Easter holiday.

High seasons in boarding kennels

The high seasons in the Danish dog boarding kennel usually follow the public School holidays. That's when families travel, so these are the times when most people needs their dog boarded with us in the kennel.


Week 7


Spring vacations and holidays


Busiest weeks are 28-31


Week 42


December 24 - 26

New Year

December 31 - January 1

Giving your dog a great vacation