Emergency Boarding

We have extensive experience in responding when acute situations arise. We help with hospitalizations, sudden trips, and the like. We have even helped evacuate dogs from buildings hit by stormy weather when Copenhagen housing companies have had the need.

We come to you

We make sure we can get to the dog. Either with a key or by you or a neighbor being home.

Information about vaccinations

It can be difficult to have all the information ready if it is not the owner himself who is able to hand over the dog. We are happy to contact the dog's regular veterinarian to obtain the necessary information. And we can help with emergency vaccinations if necessary.

Payment of deposit

We may ask for payment of a deposit if we do not know the dog in advance. This is to ensure that we do not end up with a dog that cannot be paid for. We take into account that it can be difficult to pay if it is an acute situation.

Extension and unknown duration

It is completely normal not to know the duration of a stay when it is acute. We take care of the dog for as long as necessary. And we can help find a more permanent solution if necessary.

Giving your dog a great vacation