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What is the cost of dog boarding?

Our prices include daily airing on our large green areas, room rental, food, water, loving care and any medication and social contact. We also offer extra services such as a daily walk, bath, grooming, driving to and from your home and personal activation with our staff and other dogs.

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The fine print

Read our terms and conditions below, and please call if you have any questions. We want to help you and create full clarity, so you can feel safe leaving your dog with us.

Our prices are per commenced day

Per commenced day means that we count both the arrival and departure day in the price, regardless of whether you arrive in the morning or afternoon.

Medication and own food

Medication, minor treatments, and own food are given without extra charge. If your dog has very special needs, please contact us to hear if we can help.

Own baggage at your own risk

Blanket, soft dog bed, stuffed animal, etc. can be brought to the pension. We do not recommend it, as we have good experience using our own equipment for the dogs. All brought baggage and equipment for the dog, such as harnesses, leashes, etc., are at your own risk. Things can break, get lost, or be damaged, and we therefore always encourage you to remember your things after checking in your dog.


All dogs must be vaccinated with DHP, Bb, and Pi before staying at Måløv Hundepension. You can read more about the vaccinations we require by clicking the link below:

How do I pay? And what if I cancel?

We love having dogs visiting us, and we want to make it as easy and safe for both parties as possible. Therefore, we have made some guidelines for payment and cancellation that we hope you will respect and follow.

Cancellation policy

As a general rule, we do not charge for booking, deposit, or payment upon cancellation. We understand that plans can change. Your reservation is binding, but please make sure to inform us of any changes in your needs as soon as possible.


We just want to avoid no-shows, so we reserve the right to request payment for repeated cancellations or failure to show up without prior notification.

We believe in flexibility and fair treatment both ways ☺️

Payment for stay

We accept payment with Dankort, VISA, MasterCard, MobilePay, cash, and bank transfer. We may ask for payment in advance or upon delivery, and we will always ask for payment upon pickup. We do not hand out dogs before payment has been made and can be seen on our account. We do not send invoices or give credit.

We do not give credit

We do not hand out dogs before payment has been made in full. Bank transfers must be agreed in advance and must be visible on our account before the dog is handed out. We don't send invoices for payment purposes or give credit.

What if my dog gets sick during the stay?

It is rare, but we can't avoid it. Accidents can happen, and dogs can get sick or injured during their stay with us. We have taken our precautions, and we will always do our best to take good care of your dog if something goes wrong.

We call the vet

We reserve the right to call a vet in any case where we deem it necessary. Expenses for vet and medicine will be added to the bill for the stay. This applies both if the dog shows signs of illness or gets injured during the stay.

Contact with owner

In case of severe illness that requires treatment by a vet, we will do our best to contact and inform you as soon as possible. The dog's treatment comes first, and we may decide to contact you afterwards.

We do not call for minor illnesses

Minor illnesses that do not require vet treatment, but maybe only advice from our vet over the phone, we may not inform you about before you pick up your dog. We will take care of it and take good care of your dog.

Health insurance

It is an advantage if you inform us about any health or pet insurance for your dog when you leave it with us, but these insurances are not a requirement from our side.

Our choice of vet

Måløv Hundepension has regular contact with local vets, as well as experience with acute treatment at animal hospitals. We will always choose the vet for consultation or treatment of your dog when it is in our care.

Your dog's own vet

If your dog has chronic conditions, ongoing or just completed treatments or surgeries, we would like to be informed about this, as well as have contact information for your own vet.

The hard cases

Unfortunately, we have had a few unfortunate experiences from dog owners who have not been able to meet their obligations. Therefore, we have taken our precautions for acute or long-term stays. It is very rare that we need to make these decisions, but we are prepared if it should happen, and it helps us to act in the best way for the dogs.

Payment in advance

We reserve the right to require a, in our discretion, suitable deposit as a down payment before the start of the stay and/or ongoing down payments during the stay.

Do you need to extend?

You must inform us in good time if you need to extend the stay, as well as the reason for the extensions, and we must have the opportunity to contact you by phone during the dog's stay.

Right to refuse care

We reserve the right to refuse care for your dog, interrupt or reject an extension of the stay if we believe that you cannot meet your obligations regarding timely payments or ongoing contact and agreements.

Breach of agreements

In case of lack of contact, non-payment, or other breach of agreements, we will, after a notice of 14 days, make a decision regarding transfer, rehoming, or ultimately euthanasia of your dog.

The ultimate solution

In these ultimate consequences such as transfer, rehoming, or ultimately euthanasia, Måløv Hundepension cannot be held liable to you, but we will still enforce our requirement for full payment.

It sounds harsh

These conditions should be understood as our protection against specific individual cases where we may end up with abandoned dogs and missing payments from dog owners who cannot meet their obligations as dog owners.

Remember the ongoing dialogue

Agreements and ongoing dialogue are always beneficial and, of course, what we choose before resorting to the last resorts described above.

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