Vets & Medications

Accidents can happen, or your dog may become ill during their stay. We have a veterinarian on call who will be contacted if any problems arise.

Veterinarian consultation on bill

If your dog should become ill during their stay, we will call our regular veterinarian. All expenses related to the veterinarian visit will be added to the bill for the stay.

State of health information

We ask you to inform us of any health problems that may be relevant to the stay. This can be anything from allergies to chronic diseases. Even if it is something that your dog has had for many years and does not cause problems in everyday life.

Medication and supplements

Please bring any medication and supplements that your dog needs during their stay. Remember to inform us of the dosage and any side effects. We will ensure that the medication is given at the right times.

Bring in original packaging

For correct dosage and possible side effects, we ask you to bring medication and supplements in the original packaging. This way, we can quickly find information about the medication.

Serious illnesses

Should your dog become seriously ill during their stay, we will contact you immediately. We will also contact you if your dog needs medication that we do not have at the pension. It is an advantage that we have information about any health insurance, so we can act quickly.

Giving your dog a great vacation