Why Måløv Hundepension

Because we have the space, the facilities and the conditions to accommodate all kinds of dogs. The small and the big, the active and the cautious, the young and the old - all divided according to needs and temperament. We have the experience, the care and the love to take care of them all. We are not a small boarding kennel, but we are proud to take care of your dog as if it were our own.

That's the spirit of one of Denmark's oldest boarding kennels.

Our boarding kennel has lots of history, for better or worse. Times have been changing over the almost 60 years of our existence, and we do our best to follow the times and improve ourselves and our premises.

A place for every dog to vacate and socialise

Our history

Founded in the 60's and modernized in the 2020's

Måløv Hundepension was founded in 1965 by the Johansen family and has since been run by three family generations. The current owners of the pension are Nikolaj and Nathalie Nikolajsen.

A new generation takes over in 2016

Nathalie and Nikolaj takes over the family business

We took over from the previous generation in our family in 2016 — Nikolaj's parents Eli and Hanne Nikolajsen. Much has changed over the years, and not least after we have modernized and improved our buildings, outdoor areas and indoor facilities in recent years.

Changes of the times

Daily tour in the open air and individual feeding plans

We have added outdoor areas of 400 m2 to 2000 m2, where the dogs can run freely in enclosed grass areas. The best thing we have ever done for our furry friends! Therefore, we have made daily access to the free areas mandatory for all our guests since January 2024.

Give your dog the comfort of professional care

We believe in personal dog care and the need for professional conditions. And we can offer just that because of our size and experience.


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Average years of experience with dogs


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Dog-to-human ratio


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Small dog to large dog ratio

Meet the awesome staff behind Måløv Hundepension

We have a dedicated team of animal lovers who are here to give your dog the best possible experience. We are proud of our staff and their commitment to creating a safe and fun experience for all our guests.

Nathalie Nikolajsen

The Boss

Laura Nikolajsen

Assistant Manager / First Daughter

Magnus Nikolajsen

Student Assistant / First Son

Nikolaj Nikolajsen


Eli Nikolajsen

Driver / Senior Advisor

Pernille Heinsdorf Christiansen

Dog Care Assistant

Julie Sten Rosenkrantz Jensen

Animal Caretaker

Monique Phagoo-Jensen

Animal Caretaker

Victor Bowman

Dog Walker / Cleaner

Thea Christensen

Dog Care Assistant

Olivia Christensen

Student Assistant

Andrea Haagensen

Student Assistant

Karoline Hviid Hansen

Veterinary Student

Tanya Ladegaard

Veterinary Student

Louise Marchi Riemer

Veterinary Student

Freja Norbrink Hass

Junior Worker

Liv Jensen

Student Assistant

Jens Arnbjerg

Official Veterinary Inspections, Specialist Veterinarian DipECVDI

Our core values and principles

Choosing a dog boarding facility is a personal decision, and we know it's important for you to know that your dog is in good hands. We have therefore developed a set of core values that we believe are important to create a safe and positive experience for both dog and owner.

Individual needs for each dog

We see the individual dog and adapt the choice of dog mate and activities according to the dog's needs and temperament.

Dog mates and socializing

The dog is a social animal and thrives best in the company of others, even if it is used to being alone at home.

Credibility and trust

We are open and honest about everything related to your dog and its stay with us. Therefore, we also expect you to trust us and the choices we make for your dog during its stay with us.

Respect for our customers

Without you and your dog, no dog boarding facility. Therefore, we are grateful that you choose us to take care of your dog, and we will do our utmost to meet your expectations.

Giving your dog a great vacation