New Year's Eve with no fireworks

Danes like fireworks, but not all dogs do. The time around New New Year's Eve can cause stressful times for dogs and dog owners. Therefore, we offer a fireworks-free zone where your dog can be in safe surroundings.

You can choose to board your dog just for New Year's Eve, or extend the Christmas holiday over New Year's Eve. Some choose a few days around New Year's Eve, so there is peace in the neighborhood at home before the dog comes home again.

Same procedure as every year in Måløv Hundepension

New Year's Eve, December 31st

Check-in from 10 AM - 4 PM

On New Year's Eve, we welcome guests all day until 4 PM. There may be a queue. We are typically busiest in the morning and again just before 4 PM when the last guests arrive all dressed up for an evening out.

A calm New Year's Eve

We walk, feed and say goodnight

After 4 PM, there is peace in the shop. We walk the dogs, feed them and say goodnight. We keep the night watch ourselves on this crucial evening to ensure that the dogs are calm all night.

New Year's Day, January 1st

Early rise and morning walks

The staff arrives early, even though they have also celebrated New Year's Eve, and we start airing all the dogs. Some need their breakfast and medicine, and then we are ready for a new day in the new year. From noon, you can pick up your dogs - until 6 PM. New Year's Day is also busy, so there may be a queue.

Giving your dog a great vacation